I write poetry to attempt to get a deeper sense of compassion, to change myself and hope that what I write will be a gift to others.

I have published the following poetry books:


  • MARY MANIFESTO – a call for gender equality.
  • CANDLE TRILOGY – a call to see everyone equal and deserving of opportunity. The third poem of the Trilogy inspired the Mary Manifesto.
  • SONGS OF sOPHIa – a call to end poverty and increase wellbeing.


  • KICK HUMPTY – a call to learn how to rest and be grateful.
  • DOVE QUARTET – a call to be intentional fours time a day.
  • SEVEN WAYS TO PRAY – a call to be intentional about all aspects of life.
  • GRIEF & WONDER – a call to grieve and find wonder again.
  • GIVE UP A WORD – a practice to help people identify what is painful inside.

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