Stop & Be Free?

Do you need help stopping working? Do you need help feeling grateful for your day? Do you need to recover a sense of peace? Enjoy the talk.

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Speech given at Houston’s Christ Church Cathedral on Thursday 29th January 2015 at the FORMA Conference

Read the Evensong of Humpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty sat on the harbor wall.
In Pigeon Cove Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
Couldn’t put Humpty back together again!

The one called Emma, the love within said:
It is time for peace on the earth
From heaven’s all gracious King
Goodwill to all Humpty Dumpty Men.

You are an egg-man,
Pregnant with a white pigeon
Ready to be a fledgling
Hoping its world will crack.

Inside you, all scrunched up
There’s a dove irritated,
Uncomfortably aware
It’s time to hatch.

But stopped by your pride,
Your work for today’s earthly king
You’re in perfect egg-shape
Unwilling to crack,

With thoughts:
“So much to achieve,
So much to do,
So many ways to work.”

Dusk has come,
It is time to stop work.
Will you make sacred and give thanks
Or will your busy-ness outrank?

Know this, when the sun fades,
When you, egg on the wall, silhouette
If you have not fallen,
I will give you a shove.

All your king’s horses
And all your king’s men
Can’t stop the cycle, can’t stop nature,
They will never put you back together again.

Hello baby dove, so fluffy,
I’ll place you in a soft nest.
I will feed you, watch over you
And when your wings are spread,

Peace will fly,
No power on earth can resist
A dove from the cove,
With a message for all mankind,

Learn to break for Evensong
It is when “shoulds” must die
And it is time for gratitude
In your heart to reside.

And on Humpty Dumpty Day
Invite friends to celebrate
Their brokenness, not success.
Give each an egg,

They’ll write what they need to give up.
They’ll take the eggs to the edge.
They’ll throw them onto the rocks.
They’ll let the dove in their hearts, hatch.

Read the Speech “Can You Kick Humpty?”

Buy the Book

Can You Kick Humpty? is a humorous call for everyone to remember how to rest and feel grateful in their hearts. Do you know how to stop working and be free? The book contains the funny Evensong of Humpty Dumpty and an account of how this is one of the most difficult things for humans to do. The book will change your perspective on rest, to-do lists and gratitude and it will make you laugh.

Can You Kick Humpty is $6.75 a copy and comes in a 4-pack for $26.99 plus shipping – you can flip through book to review it online.

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