A call to support 318 WOMEN to gather in 2025 to review the Christian notion of God and the Creed, 1,700 years after 318 MEN met in Nicaea to do the same. Let us be transformed!

By Jamie Coats

  1. In the year 325, a single man, the Roman Emperor Constantine I, a convert to Christianity, summoned delegates from throughout the Roman Empire to decide on the “correct” belief of the Christian Church. These men–318, according to some historians– met as a Council in Nicaea starting on June 19th. They defined the Godhead as Father, Son, and Holy Ghost and created the original Nicene Creed.

    We believe it will be wonderful and inspiring for 318 women to gather in 2025 and declare how they view the Godhead and the “correct” belief of the Christian Church.
  2. Men – can we be quiet for a moment, pause, breathe and listen? For nearly 1,700 years God has been predominantly defined in the Christian context by the men of Nicaea. Can we, men, be supportive to listen to the voices of our sisters?

    As men, we join in pledging not to obstruct, but to support without strings and provide funds for the Council of 318 women. We do not expect to participate, and will be bold enough to listen, support, and wait to learn what happens.
  3. Women – so many sisters have been silenced. Before a new council, please ask women all over the world, and anyone who does not identify as male, to meet to read the gospels and reflect and comment on the power of the gospels.

    As women, we will support and provide funds for the Council of 318 women; we will encourage women to read the gospels and reflect on why Jesus was so adored by the women of his time.
  4. Dear 318 women: We do not know how you will organize yourselves, but please engage with men afterwards and help them understand how you define the Godhead and the creed we need.

    We, the undersigned, look forward to learning what the 318 women discern, and will share their news widely to inform the deepening of our faith. 

Please sign the Mary Manifesto

69 signatures

I will keep you updated on progress of building a coalition of men and women to support this idea through my newsletter.

Read the poem and story that inspired the writing of The Mary Manifesto.

Latest Signatures

69 F/♀: Dhiya Ann Mathew India Jul 26, 2021
68 F/♀: Belinda Bennet India Jul 26, 2021
67 F/♀: Casey Dowd United States Jun 24, 2021
66 F/♀: Devorah Medwin United States Evermore! May 22, 2021
65 M/♂: Rodney Dean United States A long overdue invitation! Thanks be to God.... May 21, 2021
64 F/♀: Mary Chatfield United States Right on! Apr 25, 2021
63 F/♀: Kim Rome United States Apr 21, 2021
62 F/♀: Maria Glenn United States Apr 19, 2021
61 F/♀: Lisa Kimball United States Alleluia! Amen. Apr 18, 2021
60 F/♀: Nicole Therrien United States Apr 09, 2021
59 F/♀: Lisa Brown United States Apr 01, 2021
58 F/♀: Sharon Thangam India Joining hands to make a difference! Mar 29, 2021
57 F/♀: Laura Neal United States Mar 29, 2021
56 F/♀: Catherine White United States Mar 22, 2021
55 F/♀: Marion Gibbon France Mar 14, 2021
54 M/♂: James Goodmann United States Feb 28, 2021
53 F/♀: POLLY HALL United States Feb 25, 2021
52 F/♀: Francesca Ernst United States Feb 25, 2021
51 F/♀: Sabina Alkire Bhutan Feb 21, 2021
50 F/♀: Janet Lowery United States Feb 20, 2021
49 F/♀: Marna Franson United States Feb 17, 2021
48 M/♂: Jim Moore United States Well done Jamie. I agree it's time for men to listen to women Feb 05, 2021
47 M/♂: Bill Campbell United States This is important and I'm here to help. Feb 05, 2021
46 F/♀: Virginia Graves United States Fabulous!!! Feb 02, 2021
45 F/♀: Linda Watson-Lorde United States Jan 31, 2021
44 F/♀: Mary Kempnich Germany How lovely! ✨ Jan 31, 2021
43 F/♀: Alexandra Coats United States Awesome job! Jan 30, 2021
42 F/♀: Priscilla Shalini India Jan 25, 2021
41 F/♀: Nissi Karunya India Jan 25, 2021
40 F/♀: Lecia Brannon United States Jan 24, 2021
39 F/♀: Nicole Hershey United States Jan 22, 2021
38 M/♂: Mike Kennedy United States Jan 22, 2021
37 F/♀: Helen Van Koevering United States Jan 22, 2021
36 F/♀: Sarah Henderson United States Jan 21, 2021
35 F/♀: Jerusalem Greer United States Jan 19, 2021
34 F/♀: Christianna Singh India I’m a woman and God reveals that my life matters... I am an important and beautiful part of His Master design! Jan 19, 2021
33 F/♀: Bernadette Raspante United States Jan 18, 2021
32 F/♀: Carol Nyberg United States Jan 18, 2021
31 F/♀: Wendie Roberts United States After having read, "The Chalice & The Blade" 28 yrs ago, I think this gathering would be fabulous! Jan 18, 2021
30 F/♀: Pamela Moore United States Jan 18, 2021
29 F/♀: MICHELLE DAYTON United States Jan 18, 2021
28 M/♂: David Moloney United Kingdom Jan 18, 2021
27 F/♀: Catherine Powell United States Jan 18, 2021
26 F/♀: Catherine Tyndall Boyd United States This feels powerful and meaningful, Jamie. Thank you. Jan 18, 2021
25 F/♀: Katherine Doyle United States Jan 18, 2021
24 F/♀: Audrey Stewart United Kingdom Jan 18, 2021
23 F/♀: Meloni Armstrong United States Jan 17, 2021
22 F/♀: Jamy Madeja United States Jan 17, 2021
21 F/♀: Catherine Maresca United States I’ve been working on my creed for so long. What a delight to work on it out loud with other women Jan 17, 2021
20 F/♀: Melissa Rau United States Gosh, I’d love to take part in this! As long as there aren’t too many other white American women. Jan 17, 2021

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